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Brookfield is a controlled co-educational primary school for pupils from the Greater Lisburn Area who have moderate learning difficulties.

Our pupils range in age from 3 to 11 years. There are currently 150 children enrolled for 2014-2015.





        Brookfield School

          65 Halfpenny Gate Road



  N. Ireland

   BT67 0HP


 Tel: (028) 92622978



  Directions to BROOKFIELD SCHOOL:

   BT67 0HP





Take the main road from Lisburn to Moira. Drive for approximately 3 miles. Turn left at
Church Lane, turn right at the end and continue for approx. 1 mile. Brookfield School is on the left hand side.






Go south on the M1. Take the exit for Moira. Head back towards Lisburn on the main Lisburn to Moira Road . Travel for approx. 4 miles. Turn right at Church Lane . Turn right on reaching the end. Brookfield School is on the left hand side after approx. 1 mile.







2014-2015 STAFF INFORMATION - WHO’S WHO!!!!!!!!






Mrs B Spence



Mrs H Milligan


School Leadership Team:  Mrs M Bell, Mrs M Hannigan, Mrs Shellard, Mrs Jones, Mrs Honeyford, Mrs Henderson




Secretaries: Mrs. C Mc Dowall, Mrs.  M Hayes



Caretaker: Mr Brush 


Assistant Caretaker : Mrs F Spratt



Dining attendants:  Mrs A Mc Guigan , Mrs E. McKeown



Speech and Language Therapists: Mrs A Ferris, Mrs L Burrage, Miss V Wilkinson


Speech and Language Therapy assistant: Mrs E Kearney


Occupational Therapist: Miss Orlaith Breen




Nursery 1

Mrs Bell

Nursery 2

Miss McCusker

Base 1

Mrs Hardaker

Base 2

Mrs McKee

Base 3

Miss Annon

Base 4

Mrs Hannigan

Base 5

Mrs Armstrong

Base 6

Mrs Devine

Base 7

Mrs Duff

Base 8

Mr McCarragher

Mrs McCune

Base 9

Miss Wallace

Base 10

Mrs Honeyford

Base 11

Mrs Douglas

Base 12

Mrs Galloway

Base 13

Mrs Jones

Mrs Shellard

Base 14

Mrs Henderson








Pupils are admitted to the school by the South Eastern Education and Library Board in accordance with the regulations and procedures laid down by Articles 29-33 of the Education and Libraries Order 1986 (NI). Pupils who are enrolled already have a statement of special educational needs. New pupils and their parents are invited for interview prior to enrolment.


Our teaching staff have experience and knowledge of teaching children who have moderate learning difficulties. In each class there are 12 children or less and close attention can be paid to each individual pupil’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.





Nursery and Years 1 – 3: 8.45 a.m. to 1.45 p.m.


Years 4 – 7: 8.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.


Pupils are received from 8.40 a.m.


There is no supervision available before this time.



We encourage our pupils to be




 respectful of others.


In school we promote team spirit as well as individual achievement. We encourage each pupil to develop high standards of personal behaviour.


As parents we would ask you to help us by:



·       supporting the maintenance of good discipline in school and promoting in your child good codes of conduct with regard to behaviour, uniform and homework;


·       ensuring your child attends school regularly and brings the necessary equipment;


·       developing and maintaining channels of communication with school.



We devise an individual support plan for any pupil having consistent difficulties in managing their behaviour.
























All pupils are transported to and from school by E.A. (South Eastern Region) Details of travel arrangements are forwarded by the Transport Officer to parents at the beginning of each school year.


Transport Office Telephone number: 028 90566570.




If there is a change to transport due to an unforeseen circumstance, please contact the school secretary Mrs Mc Dowall.


Parents must inform the Transport Office and the school secretary of any change of address.


To ensure a pleasant and safe journey to and from school, good behaviour on transport is encouraged. Children should remain seated until they have reached their destination and the bus/taxi has stopped. In the interests of safety, parents wishing to collect their child at or before 3 p.m. should inform the class teacher in writing.





















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